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Map – Official Worlds Adrift Wiki

Maps created by the Cardinal Guild … File:Global Map – New Foundations (FullRes).png … Worlds Adrift Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. View Full Site.

Latest map introduced with Update 27. Maps are currently the same for all servers. however resource rates may vary. Mapping has been done by two ongoing community projects. Both have no official ties to Bossa Studios or subsidiaries. Valid for Update 31 | Interactive Map | Full-Res Static Map…

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Category:Maps – Official Worlds Adrift Wiki

24. mar. 2018 — The jerodar map is being updated with the latest information from the Cardinal Guild. It is far from complete, but at least the first few …

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does Worlds adrift Have map and if it was can some body healp me pls

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22. sep. 2018 — One of the whole points of the exploration game is the wandering. It’s a new world for you to discover. Soon you’ll find a compass and be able …

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Can we please get a in game map, a kinda you are here thing cuz it gets difficult trying to find out where the map Boundries are and whats not

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